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Marriage in California Matters
Gary Bauer | Campaign for Working Families

End of Day | April 8, 2008

California is often considered to be the nation’s trendsetter.  It is
without a doubt a very important state.  With the largest population of any
state in the union, it is an economic powerhouse that by itself ranks among
the world’s largest economies.  Even its jurisprudence manages to reach
beyond its geographic boundaries. 

A recent analysis of 24,000 state supreme court decisions issued over a 65-
year period found that the California Supreme Court was the most
influential, with more than 1,200 rulings followed by other state courts. 
For better or worse, that fact significantly raises the stakes in the
battle to define the meaning of marriage in America. 

In 2000, the overwhelming majority of Californians voted in favor of
Proposition 22, which defined marriage as the union of one man and one
woman.  But radical politicians who control the state legislature have
tried repeatedly to redefine marriage.  They have been checked by the veto
of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who rightly contends that the people
decided this issue and should have the final word. 

Unfortunately, the militant homosexual movement disagrees.  Once again, it
has resorted to the most undemocratic method possible for creating public
policy, and it is asking the courts to impose same-sex “marriage.”  Last
month, the California Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a lawsuit
seeking to overturn the Golden State’s popularly-enacted law defining
marriage as the union of one man and one woman.  A decision is expected in

Given the quantifiable influence of the California Supreme Court, a ruling
allowing men to “marry” other men would likely have tremendous implications
in courtrooms across the country.  Given the sorry history of judicial
activists attempting to remake America by redefining our commonly accepted
and deeply held values, concerned citizens of California have decided to
take proactive measures.

Just in case the high court decides it has a better understanding of the
meaning of marriage than the “ignorant masses” who passed Proposition 22,
pro-family citizens are collecting signatures to put a constitutional
amendment on the ballot so that the people of California can protect the
meaning of marriage from rogue judges.  A marriage protection amendment
would bind state judges and prevent exactly the scenario that’s confronting
the citizens of California today. 

The bad news is that collecting enough signatures to qualify an amendment
for the ballot in California is a Herculean task, and the deadline is fast
approaching.  The good news is that, according to various reports, initial
efforts have been extraordinarily successful.  Pro-family groups organizing
the effort claim they are about 90% of the way toward their goal of 1.1
million signatures.  Now in the final stretch, they are making one last
push to get them over the top. 

I strongly urge those of you in California to support the grassroots effort
to put a marriage protection amendment on the ballot.  Marriage and family
are fundamental institutions to the health and vitality of society.  As
citizens, we have a right to resist radical attempts to redefine our values
and to reject bad public policies. 

If you have not signed the California Marriage Amendment petition, please
visit http://www.nomcalifornia.org today for more information on how you
can help.  Find ten friends and family members who share our values, and
make sure they have signed the petition.  If you do not live in California
but know friends or family members who do, please share this report with
them, and urge them to sign the petition.  Encourage them to contact a few
friends who have not signed yet. 

Please feel free to pass on this "End of Day" update to interested friends
and family members.

Paid for by Campaign for Working Families and not authorized by any
candidate or candidate’s committee.

Campaign for Working Families
2800 Shirlington Road
Suite 930
Arlington, VA  22206
Fax:    703-671-8899
Web:  http://www.cwfpac.com 

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