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Tennessee Lawmaker Wants Death Certificates Required for Aborted Children

NASHVILLE, Tenn. One Tennessee lawmaker calls it "the most preposterous bill" he's seen in eight years at the capitol.

He's talking about a colleague's plan to require death certificates for aborted fetuses.

Republican Stacey Campfield says his bill would provide a way to track the number of abortions done in Tennessee. Abortion providers would have to file a death certificate within ten days of a procedure. And while the mother's name would not be included, death certificates usually carry information like Social Security numbers, which make identification easier.

A state Planned Parenthood official calls the bill an attempt to terrorize vulnerable women, and hopes lawmakers don't "invest too much energy" in it.

Campfield expects it'll pass the Republican-controlled Senate, but probably not the House, where Democrats are in the majority.


SOURCE: Google News

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